We strive to offer a fun and exciting table tennis experience to everyone. To achieve this, Cornilleau develops products of the highest standards, taking advantage of the expertise of professional players, strategic partners and our expert team to design and develop our products.


le bonhomme micheloin et une perosne entrain de regarder une raquette de ping pong

Mastered know-how

Cornilleau is a key brand in the global market place due to high quality, innovative products with a distinctive design. From the development of the resin laminate playing surface (which enables table tennis to be played outdoors) to the patented ‘Compact Technology’ folding concept and the ‘DSI’ safety system, Cornilleau have raised the ergonomics, safety and design of tables to the very top.

All Cornilleau tables are developed and manufactured in France in the Cornilleau family’s native village of Bonneuil-les-Eaux, Picardy.

The research and development laboratory, together with the marketing unit, are also located at the heart of the factory: the French 'Think Tank' is set up to devise, design and manufacture products for today and tomorrow.


Since the creation of our first table in 1968, Cornilleau has been developing and constantly improving the product range, allowing us to reach the global market and enable international growth.
Today, Cornilleau is a leader in the Table Tennis market, exporting to 75 countries across the 5 continents.
While strengthening our leading position in Europe, the company has successfully conquered new markets such as the USA, Brazil, South Korea… From a Seattle port to the Burj Khalifa and the bustling city centre of London, Cornilleau products pop up in the most unexpected and prestigious places.

UK Distributor:

To offer the best service to every customer across the world, we rely on our extensive network of specialised distributors and our UK partner is UK Table Tennis.


Jean-Philippe Gatien champion du monde de tennsi de table et champion olympique

World champion, double Olympic medalist and ambassador of the Cornilleau brand since 1993, Jean-Philippe Gatien is in charge of Team Cornilleau.
Gatien guides our young athletes in their quest for excellence by sharing with them his experience at the pinnacle of top competition and by giving them an honest perspective on performance strategies. This sponsorship adds genuine value to Cornilleau; the support of athletes is very much at the heart of the brand's principles and is Jean-Philippe’s top priority.


michelin moto grand prix

Michelin is a world champion across multiple series (Formula 2, Moto, Rally, 24 heures du Mans) with its success attributed to cutting edge research in rubber performance. For this reason, Michelin is a strategic partner for Cornilleau to develop the most advanced racket rubbers on the market.