The ultra-durable pool table

Shock Resistant

The Hyphen outdoor pool table is resistant to miscues and other type of impacts. Designed for recreational play between players of any age and any level, it gives you the freedom to play without worrying about damage.

5 Year Guarantee

As a commitment of quality, Cornilleau guarantees your outdoor pool table for 5 years. The spare parts will still be available for at least 20 years from the time your table is manufactured.

Easy to Clean

As a product made using materials which are resistant to staining and deterioration, Hyphen is easy-clean. To go about this, use the brush that’s included and refer to the maintenance tips supplied with your pool table.


From the baize to the frame, the bed and the pockets: each part has been designed to withstand the effects of time and weather. Sunshine, rain, variations in temperature, moisture - Hyphen can withstand even the most extreme outdoor conditions.