Quality Materials

Hardwearing baize

Elegant and pleasant to the touch, the baize is made from durable, washable materials that are stain and shock resistant. Its quality and robustness ensure unfailing playing quality and all-out fun.

Ultra Rigid Frame

Selected to combine reliable solidity and optimised weight, the ultra rigid 100% steel structure on your Hyphen pool table is coated in epoxy paint. Renowned for its durability and robustness, it has undergone a full anti-corrosion treatment.

Composite Base

Under the baize sits the composite bed. The 12mm high-density, resin laminate top cast from one piece allows optimal control of the ball direction, providing playing sensations comparable to those on natural slate. Supported by an ultra rigid structure, it remains extremely flat.

Natural Rubber Cushions

Offering a quality of play similar to that of indoor pool table cushions with exceptional rebound, the natural rubber cushions on the Hyphen outdoor pool table are also weatherproof and resistant to deterioration over time.