The Excell 2000 is an ideal bat for improving your game at competition level and is perfect for attacking play with an excellent balance between grip, control and speed.

Thanks to its CARBON TECHNOLOGY insert and its DYNACELL sponge, the Excell 2000 Carbon bat is a genuine reference for OFF/OFF+ players. The AERO SOFT and OFC technologies provide ball control and good contact, whilst the top-sheet EFFICIENT CURVE ensures very sound trajectories and the maximum of topspin rotation.


This 2.0mm sponge ensures a very high speed at competition level.

Cornilleau's Dynacell technology gives new levels of performance due to the sponge material in terms of rendering energy.

Precision and Spin

The 6-star ITTF rubber ensures a perfect transmission of spin.

The wooden fibres in each of the 5 plywood layers alternate direction to increase stability. This gives the best playing sensations resulting in an increase in control and precision.

Made of 90% natural rubber, the efficient curve top-sheet achieves an unrivalled degree of grip on coverings this fast.

The handle has a carbon insert which increases the rigidity of the bat for a more powerful game.

Solidity and Durability

This 5-ply blade will provide you both sensations and speed play.


The Aero concept allows optimal transmission to the handle of shock waves generated on impact with the ball. The hand's sensory system, with its improved touch interface, immediately processes the sensations necessary to provide the perfect response.

This racket flared handle has a comfortable grip for everyone.