Tacteo 30


Extremely popular with schools and other institutions throughout the UK, the Tacteo 30 composite bat was designed for the learning and intensive practice of table tennis.

Virtually unbreakable, highly durable, with a good grip and performance in play, it is ideal for intensive use in schools, youth clubs and holiday centres.

The bat is waterproof, shock resistant and has a soft touch grip. This bat is not supplied with any outer packaging and is normally supplied in boxes of 5.


It's dynamic elastomer rubber ensures a good speed of play.

Precision and Spin

The Skin+ covering is made from injected elastomer. Its innovative geometry gives a better grip and enhanced control.

Solidity and Durability

Injected polymer blade makes this an extremely solid bat which is resistant to impacts, UV rays and humidity.


Soft touch grip which is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

This bat's flared handle gives a comfortable grip for all players.