Cornilleau Outdoor Conversion Tops

Convert your pool table to an outdoor table tennis table in just 2 minutes!

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Convert your pool  table to an outdoor table tennis table in just 2 minutes!

Made in France, the Cornilleau outdoor conversion tops feature a 5mm grey playing surface with anti-glare coating.  They are easy to set up, easy to store and are supplied with a net kit as well as protection strips to protect the table underneath.

These outdoor tops are completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round in any weather conditions: rain, ice, snow etc.  They are guaranteed for 10 years.

Suitable for use on tables between 7ft and 8.5ft or a length of 192 to 268cm and max width of 143cm.

Playing Quality

  • GOOD BOUNCE 5 mm

  • The 5mm top on this table gives a good bounce.

    The tops on Cornilleau outdoor tables are made from resin laminate. They are extremely durable, shock resistant and are weather resistant (rain, sun, snow, frost etc). Cornilleau tops range in thickness from from 5 to 9mm - the thicker the top the better the bounce quality.

  • Net Kit

  • Supplied with a detachable net and post set.  The net can be adjusted for both height and tension.

Tabletop Durability


  • The outdoor tops are made from a resin laminate which is completely weatherproof. This means you can safely leave your table out all year round.

    Resin laminate tops are also extremely hard wearing and are resistant to bat blows, impacts and fading of the white lines.

  • THICK FRAME 38mm

  • The 38mm thick frame ensure the flatness of the panel. 

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