Ping-pong, an Olympic sport open to all

Table tennis: an Olympic sport that's accessible to all

For a long time, ping-pong was seen as a mere distraction. Over the course of history, it has transformed itself into a genuine Olympic sport. Table tennis today is the most practised sport in the world. Combining speed, technicality and precision, ping-pong has no cause to be jealous of other sports activities. An international sport, a game for all the family and a combination of difference practices, ping-pong is surprisingly multi-faceted.

Ping-pong as an Olympic sport

Table tennis made its appearance in England in the 1890s. An alternative to lawn tennis, it was often played after meals. The equipment used at the time was very basic: the rounded end of a champagne cork was used as a ball, whilst the bats were fashioned from cigar box lids. It was in the 1900s that the first rubber bats were developed. Subsequently, new inventions led to constant developments in both the bats and the rules of the game. Table tennis debuted at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. Today, more than 40-million players are members. Thousands of amateur and professional clubs have been created and form part of national competitions. These figures make table tennis the most practised sport in the world. This success is largely down to its incredible popularity in China, a leading country in the domain of table tennis.

Ping-pong: a game for all the family

Table tennis is a welcoming and sociable sport. Get around a table with your nearest and dearest and enjoy the delights of sharing quality time together! Ping-pong is a leisure activity open to all, regardless of age or sporting level. Keen to relax after a long day? Get your family involved in a new game. Ping-pong can be geared around your practice: in your home, your garage, your garden or your public park. Play where and when you like! Your physical stamina will improve constantly and with it will come a whole new range of sensations.

Fitness through ping-pong

Have you already heard of Fit Ping? A modern-day variant of table tennis, this activity is open to all. It’s not necessary to have tried ping-pong before or even to have a high competitive standard. The most important thing is to want to undertake an innovative sports activity. Fit Ping is a combination of table tennis and fitness. It quells the curiosity of players in search of a fun activity. This sport is the embodiment of the fitness mindset: enjoy yourself and have fun whilst working your body! A firm favourite with members, Fit Pong is now a familiar feature in numerous French clubs. Ping-pong fascinates by its accessibility and its prospects for development. Whatever your type of practice, the benefits are plentiful. Be amazed by an all-round sport, combining physical fitness training and well-being.