Advantages of trampolines: an activity that's good for you, whatever your age

Trampolining: a beneficial activity for all ages

Before you even think about choosing your trampoline, it is good to note that there are many advantages to trampolining. As well as being a highly enjoyable outdoor activity for the whole family, using a trampoline is also good for your health in several ways.

Trampolines, a balancing act

On top of the inherently fun aspect of trampolines, they also contribute to the physical and mental development of the youngest jumpers. Bouncing on a trampoline is above all a matter of coordination and balance, so it naturally builds up skills in those areas. The same goes for spatial positioning.

Using a trampoline and learning how to decide where to land are a great help in developing in these areas. More generally speaking, trampolines foster concentration and self-control. If you then consider how much pleasure they give, you can see that they are a real source of fulfilment, with a host of virtues.

Trampolines are often thought to be designed solely for children. However, bouncing can be highly beneficial for the joints and so ideal for use by adults too.

Good for your body

Jumping on a flexible surface is very good for your bones and muscles. It also boosts the flexibility of your ligaments and tendons. If you suffer from aches and pains then regular, moderate use of a trampoline will help to alleviate the pain.

Younger people, as well as adults, can suffer from high blood pressure. Physical exercise is especially recommended to reduce the consequences of this condition, or even prevent it altogether. Because they have a positive impact on blood circulation, trampolines help prevent blood clots from forming. As a result, they reduce the risks of blood vessel dilation and help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

A sporting activity you can practice as much as you like

Trampolining is an excellent means of boosting your natural defences and giving your body its energy back. It helps you tone up your muscles and improve the general way your body looks and feels. For good results, 10 to 30 minutes per day is enough. Looking to lose some weight? Jumping on your trampoline is an option not to be overlooked. Jumping burns fat, tones up your thighs and legs and even your abdomen. If you work on your bones and muscles at the same time, you’ll automatically improve your balance and overall health.