Choosing Made in France

All our ping pong and billiard tables are produced in the Picard village where the company was born in 1946: Bonneuil-les-Eaux. Cornilleau's headquarters and factories are located on the same site, respecting the original spirit of a company where exchanges between members are facilitated. It is a matter of mastery and control of the production chain, and therefore of quality. Maintaining our skills and our teams in France allows us to exercise this perfect control and to ensure a level of quality well above the various standards required in France and in Europe.

Producing our tables on the same site where they are designed is the guarantee of controlling the entire process and being able to constantly monitor the quality of the products. It is the continuous exchanges between the different expertises of the company which allow each one to enrich itself and to go together towards a common goal: quality.

The Cornilleau brand relies on a clever blend of craftsmanship and innovation to offer products that are always more efficient and durable.

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