Become a trick shot whizz with Florian Kohler!

How to become a trickster with Florian Kohler

A trick shot is a surprising or unexpected shot that more often than not seems impossible on the face of it. It is often considered as artistic billiards. In the United States, where this discipline is most popular, the players are referred to as “trick shot artists”.

Expert coach

To guide you and help you progress, both with classic billiards and the art of the trick shot, see our videos with tips from internationally-acclaimed artistic billiards expert Florian Kohler, alias “Venom”. Twice named World Cup Of Trick Shots champion, he is a multiple record-holder, and his Youtube channel has over a million subscribers.

Perform the best-known trick shots in the world with Florian Kohler, alias Venom

In this tutorial, learn how to perform three shots that are known the world over. These trick shots, from a movie, from a commercial, and from a popular challenge, are easy-to-do and you don’t need to be a billiards pro.


Perform fun, awesome trick shots that anyone can do with Florian Kohler, alias Venom

You don’t need to be a pool pro to try your hand at trick shots and begin to pull off some of them successfully. See for yourself in this video tutorial that teaches you to perform three of them, even if you are an inexperienced player.


Learn to win a bet for sure with Florian Kohler, alias Venom

Pool is a game that gives rise to a lot of betting. Indeed, it is not uncommon, on the sidelines of a classic game to challenge each other on who will manage to pull off such and such a shot. And very often, to win a bet you’ll need to be shrewd. In this tutorial, Florian Kohler teaches you three shots to win a bet for sure, sometimes in an unconventional way.


Trick shots for family fun

Pool is also an ideal activity for good times with family or friends, and trick shots all the more so because you learn them together, then challenge each other. Here we show you three shots that are perfect for family fun because, while they’re quite easy to learn, they nevertheless require a few tries before pulling them off successfully. Who’ll be first to learn these awesome shots? Who’ll be first to pull them off successfully? It’s over to you.


Trick shots to overcome a difficult situation during a game.

Often during a game, you’ll find yourself in a difficult situation where you seem to be blocked. With these three shots to use in three frequently-encountered situations, Florian Kohler, alias Venom, helps get you out of situations you thought insurmountable. Now nothing will hold you back from winning a game!