How do I choose the right trampoline?

Trampolining is a fun leisure activity that is very popular with children. This outdoor activity is an ideal way of building up endurance and self-control, and is attracting more and more thrill-seeking users. It provides a great way for jumpers of all ages to get some physical exercise while having fun. Ready to leap into a new world? Read through our tips to make sure you choose the trampoline that’s right for you.

What exactly is a trampoline?

A trampoline is a circular metallic structure onto which a bounce mat is fixed. The bounce mat is usually supported by springs and surrounded by a protective pad. This basic design is then customized depending on the model, with a safety net and various accessories. The price of a trampoline varies depending on its size, the quality of its components and the material used for its bounce mat.

There are different trampoline models to suit a variety of uses. For example, garden trampolines are made up of a horizontal mat fixed to a frame using elastic bands (bungee cords) or springs. They are usually round and have protective padding running along the edges, covering both the frame and the springs. In order to comply with the safety standards, all models must have a safety net. Family trampolines are recommended for recreational use. The Spring and Springcare trampolines by Cornilleau belong to this category. They have features that make them especially safe and comfortable to use.

If your aim is to lose weight or tone up, sport trampolines are your best option. They are increasingly popular as a fitness tool, with many people deciding to invest in an indoor trampoline for domestic use. This model has a maximum diameter of one metre (3.3 ft) and won’t let you jump higher than one metre (3.3 ft). That’s why sport or indoor trampolines are only for fitness exercises. If you’re keen to try out more sophisticated moves, you would be better advised to choose a family or competition trampoline.

Competition trampolines are set up in gyms and used for sporting events such as the Olympics. They have a 4-metre by 2-metre (13 ft x 6.5 ft) mat, a 5-metre by 3-metre (16.4 ft x 9.8 ft) frame, 120 metallic springs and protective pads and cushions. They let you jump up to eight metres (26.2 ft), meaning there is no shortage of thrills!

Trampolines can also be found in leisure parks and fairgrounds and are sometimes known as bungee trampolines. This type has a special design feature: two bungee cords fitted onto the sides that let you jump up to 10 metres (32.8 ft).

How to choose the right size of trampoline

The space available in your garden

Choose your trampoline to suit the space available in your garden. A larger outdoor area will give you the option of choosing a larger model. As mentioned above, check the overall diameter of the trampoline you are considering, and add an extra 2-m (6.5 ft) free space for more comfort.

Weight limit

The weight limit varies depending on who is using the trampoline. Is it intended for children, or will adults use it too? It is important to ask yourself this question before buying your trampoline. Please note that, for trampolines within the same range and with identical components, the larger the trampoline, the higher the weight limit. The material used for the bounce mat and the thickness of the structural rods also affect the sturdiness of a trampoline. This is why the weight limit changes from one range to another, independently of trampoline size.

Check list for a high-quality trampoline

En plus de la taille, d’autres éléments participent à la qualité d’un trampoline. Ceux-ci sont à adopter en fonction de vos besoins et de votre budget.

Rebounding force: springs or elastic bands?

With springs

Traditionally, the springs (length, diameter and the material they are made from) determine the quality of your bounces. They therefore play an essential role in the enjoyment you get out of using your trampoline! It’s simple: the more springs there are, the easier it is to bounce. Trampolines that have a large diameter have much longer springs. The Spring trampoline by Cornilleau is fitted with high-quality springs that guarantee fantastic bounces, and its contemporary design means it will look great in your garden.


The Springcare trampoline by Cornilleau has a dense mesh of elastic bands in place of the traditional springs. It offers excellent rebound quality that is smooth and dynamic, combined with optimal safety performance. This is because the material used absorbs impacts, unlike standard springs. Elastic bands have the added benefit of not producing any sound, unlike traditional models with springs.


The quality of the net is essential. On our Spring and Springcare models, the net is specially designed to protect jumpers and at the same time cushion their landing. Firm yet flexible, it has the unique benefit of staying in place and in shape even after thousands of bounces. We also curved the net and posts symmetrically, to prevent them from knocking against each other. On models with springs, opt for a trampoline with springs fitted outside of the net for maximum safety. So that you can walk comfortably in the area that covers the springs, Cornilleau trampolines are protected by two layers of micro-ventilated foam with small cells. These very fine layers provide enhanced shock absorption and ensure the foam lasts longer.

Hard-wearing materials

As well as being able to cope with extended use, your trampoline needs to be able to withstand all types of weather conditions. The structure of the trampoline, its legs and bounce mat must all be made of hard-wearing, resistant materials. High-quality trampolines receive anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatment to prolong their lifespan and guarantee a high level of resistance. If you opt for a model with springs, tapered springs are better at absorbing and releasing forces, so they last for longer before showing signs of wear.

Bounce Mat

A high-quality bounce mat keeps its properties even after thousands of bounces. The bounce mat needs to be high quality in order to hold up heavier weights. Check out the directions for use: the bounce mat has an impact on the rebound quality and must be able to drain water after rain. The bounce mat used on Spring and Springcare trampolines offers great jumping performance with minimum stress on bones and joints.

For trampolines with springs, the rebound force depends on the diameter of the jumping surface as well as the number springs and how long they are. You can also find spring-free trampolines. They use elastic bands, called bungee cords, instead. This is the case for the Springcare trampoline, which offers dynamic rebound combined with maximum safety.


The stability of your trampoline is an important feature when it comes to ensuring safety and the best possible comfort of use. A trampoline must be set up on flat ground and be able to withstand light wind. High-quality materials and a sturdy construction mean your trampoline will be stable. You can also purchase an optional ground anchor kit for reinforced stability and safety. The ground anchor kit also protects your trampoline from wind.


Your trampoline’s performance, durability and comfort of use can all be enhanced by adding certain accessories such as a ground anchor kit for better stability, or a protective cover to protect it from bad weather. When you buy a trampoline, an access ladder is often included - this is the case for all Cornilleau models.

Certifications and compliance with standards

Made from high-quality materials with a galvanized steel structure, the Spring and Springcare trampolines offer excellent stability. The German certification TUV SÜD GS and French certification issued by the CRITT constitute standards in terms of quality and safety. Cornilleau trampolines also comply with the NF EN 71-14 standard.

Discover the Springcare innovation

The Springcare trampoline has a unique, patented rebounding system. Traditional springs have been replaced by a dense mesh of elastic bands that are themselves made up of a multitude of microfilaments. This innovation offers a host of advantages in terms of safety as well as comfort, with dynamic bounces that reduce stress on the joints. To guarantee its durability, each part is rigorously tested in the Cornilleau laboratories to make sure the Springcare trampoline keeps its properties even after thousands of bounces.


Discover our Spring trampoline

With its springs fitted outside of the jumping surface and its smart design protection devices (net, protective pad, curved posts), the Spring trampoline offers you optimal safety. And that’s not all. Its carefully crafted design and materials make the Spring a trampoline with long-lasting qualities. Designed to ensure everyone can enjoy trampolining with zero stress, it offers ideal comfort of use thanks to its dynamic rebound that hardly puts any stress on your joints.