Trick shots to overcome a difficult situation during a game

How do you get out of a bad situation?

Often during a game, you’ll find yourself in a difficult situation where you seem to be blocked. With these three shots to use in three frequently-encountered situations, internationally-acclaimed artistic billiards expert and multiple record holder Florian Kohler, alias Venom, helps get you out of situations you thought insurmountable. Now nothing will hold you back from winning a game!

The cushion jump

The first shot in this tutorial will help you when the white ball seems to be surrounded and only the opposite cushion is accessible without touching an opponent ball. Did you think of getting the white ball to bounce off the cushion to jump over the balls that were blocking you? This is the solution that Florian Kohler teaches you in this video.

The impossible cut shot

The second trick shot in this tutorial is a shot that really does seem impossible. It consists of hitting a ball that is next to a cushion to make it follow along the cushion, even though the white ball that you are shooting with is perpendicular to this ball. This shot requires a bit of practice before you succeed but it’s highly effective.

The perfect curve shot

This trick shot is a bit different, and particularly spectacular. It involves pocketing a ball at one end of the pool table, then due to spin, the white ball will curve to avoid the balls still in play and pocket a ball at the other end of the table. Stance, hand positioning and how you move are very important for successfully performing this shot.

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