Outdoor ping pong tables : Sport range

Not just a game

In the sunshine, on rainy days, by yourself, as a twosome or in a group - everyone has their own way of enjoying table tennis. As well as the wonderful freedom you get from playing, table tennis is one of those rare sports that anyone can have a go at. The tables in the Sport range reflect this philosophy, which captures the very spirit of the game. Their high quality, resistance to impacts, rain and extreme heat, along with their safety features and the great playing experience they offer, mean everyone can enjoy the pleasures of table tennis, worry-free.

400X : Powerful but agile

It's the look of the 400X table that makes it stand out at first sight, but it truly reveals what it has to offer when played on. Its height-adjustable legs and large wheels enable it to take on any terrain. Its point counters are ideal for hard-fought matches, and its racket and ball storage spaces will prove highly practical. Together with its locking/release system combining optimal ergonomics and safety, as well as its powerful brakes, the whole family are able to handle the table safely.


300X : Steady on its feet

The robust design and stability of the 300X table can be appreciated at first sight. But these are not its only advantages. Its playing surface offers excellent rebound to delight players at all levels. The 300X table is able to adapt to slightly uneven terrain with its adjustable legs, while its central locking/release system and two brakes provide a high level of safety.



The 200X table, based on proven technology, is ideal for matches between family members, friends or even more experienced players. Its height-adjustable legs and powerful brakes ensure its stability, even in gardens with uneven ground. And with its large wheels, it can be moved easily.



Affordable and yet well made, the 100X table enables as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasures of table tennis. It is compact, easy to move with its large wheels, simple and safe to store and handle, and also features storage options for balls and rackets.


New-gen Sport range

Designed to appeal to as many people as possible, the tables in the Sport range benefit from Cornilleau’s vast expertise in terms of playing experience, safety, ergonomics and special features. And as you’ll discover, the latest tables are not short of new features - easier-to-handle feet adjustment, point counters and more. With a new-gen design, they offer a choice of panels in even more elegant colors.

New playing surface colors

Offering a sharper contrast with the ball, these panels have been coated with the Softmat finish, which reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays threefold, resulting in an excellent playing experience.

Easier feet adjustment

Adjusting the height of a table tennis table has never been simpler. Our new mechanism means you no longer have to lift the table to turn the dial and set its height. Simple and effective. This system, which has been worked into several different designs, now equips all the tables in the Sport range except for the 100X.

Folding point counters

One for everyone - our point counters let you keep a constant eye on the score, so you can challenge yourself to step up your game and eliminate any doubt about the score. The 300X and 400X tables are equipped with a point counter.

Tables inspired by Cornilleau’s unequaled know-how

All Cornilleau tables have a common denominator - the extremely high standards guiding their design. These high standards are evident in the various characteristics of each table - playing experience, ergonomics, lifespan, safety and maneuverability, to name a few. The tables in the Sport range combine the dual criteria of maximum appeal to all types of players and very high quality.

Safety first

The 300X and 400X tables have 16 locking points - the highest safety level that exists, the same as that found on the tables in the Performance range. The 100X and 200X tables are fitted with 8 locking points, in line with current standards.

Playing experience

The solid core laminate table top that equips the tables in the Sport range is 4mm thick for the 100X and 5mm thick for the other models. It offers very good rebound quality, and has been given an anti-glare finish, Softmat, which reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays threefold, resulting in an excellent playing experience.


All Cornilleau outdoor tables have a 10-year guarantee, but their actual lifespan goes far beyond that. And if any of the parts or features get damaged, we guarantee you’ll be able to get the replacement part you need for at least 20 years. But rest assured, this is simply a back-up pledge for extra peace of mind, because Cornilleau tables are designed to last for generations.


The oversize double wheels fitted onto Cornilleau outdoor tables make them easier to handle than any other table on the market. On uneven surfaces or in confined areas, they will help you move your table to the ideal spot for a game or the best place for storage.