Cornilleau guarantees its tables against manufacturing defects for a period of 3 years and this guarantee is extended to 10 years for outdoor tables.  This warranty covers all components with the exception of wearing parts such as wheels, the net and net posts. All our tables are manufactured in accordance with the European Safety Standard EN 14468. In order to ensure the highest level of safety, Cornilleau has positioned itself well above this standard. 

Our Guarantee

10 year guarantee – 2016 onwards

The guarantee starts on the day of purchase and covers all table parts (except for wheels, posts and nets). We guarantee the outdoor tops against any distortion, peeling or fading of the white lines. 

10 year guarantee – Tables purchased before 2016

The guarantee starts on the day of purchase. We guarantee the outdoor tops against any distortion, peeling or fading of the white lines.  All other parts are guaranteed for 3 years (see below).

3 year guarantee

The guarantee starts on the day of purchase for both indoor and outdoor tables.

In all cases, the guarantee is limited to the supply of defective parts/components approved by our customer service team and is not applicable in case of damage caused by:

  •          Normal wear and tear
  •          Incorrect assembly
  •          Lack of maintenance
  •          Use of corrosive products for maintenance
  •          If the safety and user guidelines haven't been followed correctly
  •          If the table collapses due to strong wind in a folded position
  •          If the table has been put upside down or carried alone
  •          Any other external factor non-related to the quality of the table


UK Table Tennis handles all warranty claims on behalf of Cornilleau. For all warranty claims we need the reference and serial number for your table.  This can be found on a small white sticker on the underside of one of the tops.

Please send us an email describing the defect together with some photos and the reference/serial number for your table so that we can assess your warranty claim.

Contact details

Email: sales@uktabletennis.co.uk