Cornilleau Sport 500 Indoor Table

Indoor Ping Pong Table for Clubs and Recreation

  • Club-level gaming quality: 22mm particleboard tabletops, 50mm frame
  • Durability: 3-year warranty, repairable for 20 years
  • Safety: 16 locking points, 2 brakes, protective corners
  • Equipment: height and tension adjustable net, storage for balls and rackets...

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  • logo Made in France
  • Made in France
  • 1946

  • logo guarantee 3 years indoor table tennis tables
  • Guarantee
  • 3 years

  • logo indoor table Cornilleau repairable 20 years
  • 20 years

  • logo fftt
  • FFTT Approval
  • Leisure practice


filet replié de la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Automatic net adjustable in height and tension

  • Be precise with the 500 Indoor. When you unfold your table, the net posts unfold automatically. Choose the right height to play by using the wheel at the base of the net. Then adjust the tension by simply pulling on the thread and locking it with the clasp. With your net set, you're ready to play.

main qui règle le pied de la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Ultra simple adjustment of the legs

  • The 500 Indoor table is equipped with an innovative system that simplifies the adjustment of the legs. Simply turn the knob to level your table without any effort. Indeed, the adjustment mechanism is both independent of the leg and is not in direct contact with the floor. Simple and effective.

main qui range une balle dans le flanc d'une table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Storage for 6 balls

  • The 500 Indoor table is equipped with storage for your balls. Located on each side of the table, these slots allow you to always have balls on hand and to start a game whenever you want.

main qui range un téléphone dans le vide poche de la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Large capacity pockets

  • The two pockets of the 500 Indoor table can hold phones, keys and other accessories that might get in the way during a game. Play with a light mind by storing your personal belongings.


joueuse qui joue sur la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Club quality bounce

  • With its 22 mm thick chipboard panels, the 500 Indoor table is suitable for club table tennis. It is also suitable for demanding amateurs who want to play at home.

encadrement de la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • A wide frame for better stability

  • The wide 50 mm high frame of the 500 Indoor table tennis table ensures that the playing surface is stable and flat. And that for years thanks to the Aluzinc® which composes it, bringing robustness and durability.


2 personnes qui ouvrent la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • A unique locking system

  • The 500 Indoor ping pong table has 16 locking points. When in play or storage position, it stays perfectly in place. This patented system provides an unequalled level of security, well above regulatory requirements. Foldable and unfoldable with its easily accessible handle, the 500 Indoor table benefits from an additional safety feature by locking at 65° if the handle is no longer held when the table is unfolded.

pied qui appuie sur le frein de la roue de la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Two brakes

  • Even on a sloping floor, your table will stay in place when you play but also when it is folded and stored. The two brakes on the 500 Indoor table ensure that it stays in place when engaged.

main qui touche le coin de protection de la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Four protective corners

  • To round off the corners and soften any bumps that might occur against the table, corner guards have been installed on the 500 Indoor table. Your hips will thank you for choosing a table equipped with these protections.

vue de la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor repliée

  • The compact table: less space, more safety

  • The COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system designed by Cornilleau reduces the risk of tipping over, prevents children from intruding between the tops in the storage position and makes it easier to open and close your table. Once folded, it has the double advantage of being space-saving and avoiding handling errors.


2 joueurs qui déplacent la table de ping pong Cornilleau 500 indoor

  • Special indoor double wheels

  • The double wheels of the 500 Indoor table allow it to be moved easily on different indoor surfaces. Their material and design avoid any risk of deterioration of soft floors such as those in sports halls.

Documentation and technical features

Colour of tops / Reference Blue : 114 100 / Grey : 114 300
Playing surface Chipboard 22 mm
Coating Standard
Frame height/ Material 50 mm / Aluzinc® Indoor
Locking System DSI (16 points)
Compact Technology Yes
Leg type / dimensions Tapered / 110-65 - 65 mm
Adjustable leg pad  3D adjustable / diam.104 mm
Net type Retractable
Adjustable net Tension and height
Wheel type Special Indoor double wheel
Wheels (thickness x diameter) 30 x 150 mm
Brakes 2 brakes
Ball storage Yes / 6 balls
Bat storage -
Corner protection pads Yes
Additional features 2 Storage compartments
Category (European Standards) EN 14468 - CLASSE C
Approval FFTT competition
Table weight 91 kg
Packaged weight 104 kg
Guarantee 3 years
Table dimensions (playing position) 274 x 152 x 76 cm (net posts not included) (L x la x h)
Storage dimensions 165 x 75,3 x 155,5 cm  (L x la x h)

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