3822 Hobby Net 160cm Black

Replacement polyethylene net in black measuring 160 cm.  If you want to check which net will fit your table, please contact us.

Below are a few tips for you to use and a table showing which models this net will fit.

Size: most nets are 180cm wide BUT this net is only 160cm wide. This is used on tables where the net posts do not stick out beyond the width of the table.
Fitting: if your net slides over the net posts/supports then you will need one of the Hobby nets. If a net pin is used then it will be the Sport or Competition net.
Material: only the competition net is made from cotton, the others are all polypropylene making them suitable for indoor and outdoor models.

To check which model of table you have, you will need to locate the table's reference number.  This can be found on a small white sticker on the underside of one of the playing surfaces in the top right hand corner.

The Hobby 160 Black net is suitable for use on the tables listed in the summary below.

You can also download our Net Finder for a full list of nets and tables. (located under the 'Add to Cart' button at the top of the page)

Documentation and technical features

Sport 100 Ref: 110100, 115100, 115300
Sport 200 Ref: 115101, 115301
Outdoor Conversion Tops Ref: 127142
Special Editions

X-Track (115101), Instinct (115109, 115209, 115309), Challenger (115304, 115307)