Softbat Quattro Set


Brand new from Cornilleau is the world's first eco-design table tennis bat.

After several years of research and development working with Armor Lux and their bio-injection partner, Cornilleau has launched the first 'green' racket made from recycled clothing.

The Softbat is ideal for training and educational use with a playing surface that creates some spin but not too much.  The round, ergonomic handle suits both children and adults alike.

These bats are weather resistant, shock resistant and have a non-detachable covering.

Pack of 4 bats (2 x red and 2 x blue) and 4 ABS plastic training balls.

Precision and Spin

A playing surface that creates some spin but not too much.

Solidity and Durability

Recycled thermoplastic blade makes this an extremely solid bat which is resistant to impacts, UV rays and humidity.


Round ergonomic handle with soft touch grip which is comfortable to use.


The grip is determined by both the sponge + topsheet but mostly by the specification of the topsheet (grip + elasticity + pimples shape).

With a higher grip, the ball spin will be superior and more elasticity will increase the contact surface with the ball. The shape and density of the pimples will also greatly influence the effect. Finally, our technologies will bring enhanced “grip” performance.


Cornilleau has launched the first 'green' bat made from recycled clothing.

Softbats are made by recycling cotton and polyester fabrics from former Amor Lux collections and end of life clothing.